Terms and Conditions

My Commitment to You

My commitment to you is based on more than just excellent care and customer service, which should be expected. Nourish values your Human Rights. My clients receive respectful care and are not discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual preference or health status.

You have the right to obtain a second opinion. Please email nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au if you would like to provide feedback about your experience at Nourish. 

Your Commitment

An equal commitment from you will help to achieve outstanding results . Please take the time to read all of our Terms and Conditions as clarity, communication and understanding will ensure that we’re always on the same page and achieving the best outcome possible. 

All of my professional recommendations are based on the information provided by you. It is important to understand my Terms and Conditions and for you to acknowledge that ultimately, it is your responsibility to consider and utilise my advice however you see fit. I acknowledge an infinite number of variables can impact on the outcomes of achieving your diabetes / nutrition goals and I will do my best to help you along your way.

Terms and Conditions 


  • It is expected that if you cannot keep an appointment, that notice is given as soon as possible by calling Nourish and leaving a message if calling after hours. 

  • If less than forty eight (48) hours notice is given, either a late cancellation fee of $55.00 or the full consultation fee will apply. This is at the discretion of Rebecca Greco. Provision of another appointment will be made in an attempt to provide continuation of your care. 

  • In the event a late cancellation is received, and the client does not accept our offer of an alternative appointment, payment in full is expected within forty-eight (48) hours.

  • Cancellations via text will not be accepted.

Late and Missed Appointments 

  • If you arrive late to an appointment, but within your appointed time slot, you may receive a shorter consultation in an effort not to inconvenience other clients waiting.

  • If you either arrive after or entirely miss an appointment, you will be charged the consultation fee in full. 

  • If you call the practice to arrange an alternative time to occur within forty-eight (48) hours of your missed appointment, you will be eligible for an appointment at no charge.

  • Irrespective of an alternative appointment being offered, if payment is not received in full within forty-eight (48) hours, an administration fee will apply. Late or missed appointments exclude others from receiving care and inconvenience both the practitioner and other clients waiting.

Communications Policy

Nourish uses telephone communication as its main form of communication with patients and relevant parties. This includes, but is not limited to, follow up appointment requests, notification of change or cancellation of appointment, and third-party liaising. The patient must be correctly identified prior to communicating sensitive information..

With patient consent, Nourish sends automated SMS and email appointment reminders. Patients can request to disable SMS recalls and reminders at any time by emailing nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au.

Nourish uses email communication with patient permission, however, it is not encouraged for urgent communication or communicating sensitive information. Email communication is not protected by encryption and, therefore, when communicating sensitive information, patients use it at their own risk.

Consent policy

Diabetes Educator / Dietitian service 

As part of providing a service to you, Nourish needs to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your situation, such as your name, contact information, medical history and other relevant information. This collection of personal information is a necessary part of your nutrition assessment and future supports. 

Purpose of collecting and holding information 

Your personal information gathered as part of your assessment and support, is kept securely and, in the interests of your privacy, used only by your treating Diabetes Educator / Dietitian and the authorised personnel of the practice (as necessary). Your personal information is retained in order to document what happens during sessions, and enables your clinician to provide a relevant and informed service to you. A more detailed description is provided in the practice’s Privacy policy for management of personal information”, (The Privacy Policy) which can be obtained by contacting Nourish on nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au. The said Policy contains information about how to access, seek correction of your personal information, and how to lodge a complaint about our management of your personal information.

Consequence of not providing personal information 

If you do not wish for your personal information to be collected in a way anticipated by this letter or the Privacy Policy, Nourish may not be in a position to provide the services to you. You may request to be anonymous or to use a pseudonym, unless it is impracticable for Nourish to deal with you or if your treating Diabetes Educator / Dietitian is required or authorised by law to deal with identified individuals. In most cases it will not be possible for you to be anonymous or to use a pseudonym. 

Access to client information 

At any stage you are entitled to access your personal information kept on file, subject to exceptions in the relevant legislation. Your Diabetes Educator / Dietitian may discuss with you different possible forms of access. 

Disclosure of personal information 

All personal information gathered by your treating Diabetes Educator / Dietitian during the provision of the services will remain confidential except when: 

1. It is subpoenaed by a court, or disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law; or 

2. Failure to disclose the information would in the reasonable belief of the Diabetes Educator / Dietitian place you or another person at serious risk to life, health or safety; or 

3. Your prior approval has been obtained to a) Provide a written report to another professional or agency. e.g., a GP or a lawyer; or b) Discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent, employer, health provider or third party funder; or c) disclose the information in another way; or d) disclose to another professional or agency (e.g. your GP) and disclosure of your personal information to that third party is for a purpose which is directly related to the primary purpose for which your personal information was collected. Your personal information is not disclosed to overseas recipients, unless you consent or such disclosure is otherwise required by law. Your personal information will not be used, sold, rented or disclosed for any other purpose. In the event that unauthorised access, disclosure or loss of a client’s personal information occurs, Nourish will activate its data breach plan and use all reasonable endeavours to minimise any risk of consequential serious harm. 

I consent to Nourish contacting the following supports / services to assist with my diabetes / dietetic intervention.

Please email nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au if consent to sharing information is not provided to this member of your team.


I provide consent (Yes)

General practitioner (GP)








Psychologist/​Mental Health Professional


Other allied health providers eg podiatrist


Other providers eg Hospital Diabetes Educator / Dietitian 


There may be someone who you do not wish to receive information about your Diabetes Educator / Dietitian services. If so, please forward their details to nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au

If you are over 14 years of age, we require consent to release information to a parent/​carer (although we may have a duty of care to speak with them relating a medical or mental health risk even if you do not provide consent. If you do not consent, please let us know via nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au

By attending a service at Nourish you agree that you have read and understood this policy. You agree to the above conditions for the services provided by your treating clinicians. 

Please note: If, after reading this form you are at all unclear about any of the information provided, please email nourish@​nourishadl.​com.​au or please feel free to discuss at the commencement of your appointment. 

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