Type 2 Diabetes

Rebecca Greco — Diabetes Educator and Dietitian 

Rebecca combines her nutrition and diabetes specialities for your convenience . She loves helping people living with diabetes improve their glucose levels and overall health and wellbeing through practical and simple tweaks to nutrition and lifestyle. 

If you administer insulin, you may be interested in our Insulin Clinic

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What to expect at your appointment 

  • You may receive a complimentary continuous glucose monitor or glucose meter
  • Blood Glucose Strips 
  • Glucose level log book
  • Signed and submitted NDSS paperwork 
  • Diabetes related resources 
  • Tailored nutrition advice 
  • Nutrition related resources
  • Meal plan and shopping list 

How to book your nutrition appointment with Rebecca 


  • book directly with Rebecca, call 0415 209 000 or enquire here

Clinic Hours

Tuesday — Friday: 9 – 5pm

Thursday: 9 – 7pm

Saturday: 9 – 12pm

Double Diabetes and Nutrition Appointment 

This appointment is for those who are recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (without insulin) or would like a refresher to ensure that their nutrition is helping to result in better glucose levels. 

Appointment 1

  • Rebecca will learn more about you — your social, work and exercise routine and your current glucose levels. You will be given a complimentary Continuous Glucose Meter to better understand your glucose levels and daily routine.

Appointment 2

  • Rebecca will catch up with you at least 2 weeks after your initial appointment to discuss your food patterns and glucose levels. Together, you will troubleshoot and discuss a plan to improve your glucose levels by practical and sustainable tweaks. 

Appointment 3

  • Generally, after your 3 monthly blood test we will have a look at your results and compare your improvements. We develop an action plan to ensure your diabetes is maintaining or heading towards diabetes remission. 

To discuss and begin your program, please call 0415 209 000 or enquire here

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