Low carb diets — which nutrients to keep in mind?

Unless you live under a rock, you will have heard from the media that low carb diets appear promising to help improve diabetes and weight. 

However, without careful consideration, a low-carb diet can be low in some types of nutrients. So how can you ensure you’re consuming enough? Below are nutrients to keep in mind — with some low carb food options. 


Required to keep our bowels regular and promote growth of healthy bacteria in our gut. 

Lower carb and high fibre foods: spinach, fresh and frozen mixed berries, almonds, cauliflower

Thiamin or vitamin B1:

Supplies energy to our body’s tissues and is used to metabolize carbohydrates.

Lower carb high vitamin B1 foods: trout, tuna, sunflower seeds, beef, yeast extracts


Essential for strong bones.

Lower carb high calcium foods: hard cheeses, canned salmon with small bones, almonds, firm tofu


Essential for growth and is used to manufacture DNA, our genetic code. Adequate intakes are especially important for women, as folate is needed to prevent neural tube defects in infants during pregnancy.

Lower carb high Folate foods: green leafy vegetables, avocado, broccoli, peanuts

Ultimately, if you love carbs (like me!) and want to improve your glucose levels and weight, you can. To achieve your desired results in a sustainable and realistic manner — book an appointment with me 

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