My 2023 Predicted Food Trends

With every new year, there are new foods and trends. Below are my predictions for nutrition trends and which may become all the rage this year. 

Eating in space 

Top Chef” contestants cooked for astronauts this year. Experimenting with growing food in space will fuel interest in vertical gardening and vegetables that can grow in stressed environments on Earth. This is very cool — I am excited for this one! 

Yuzu is described by some as a Japanese lemon”, this is more common in East Asia but has since caught on in America. I think we are going to see yuzu flavoured desserts like ice-cream and chocolate becoming popular. 

Lupin beans

The gut health trend is here to stay — and if you have not tried lupinis please run to your closest continental shop. Lupinis are packed with fibre which your gut bugs will love and so will your appetite as fibre helps us to feel full quicker and for longer.

Alcohol free drinks 

Last year we saw a rise in alcoholic free drinks with alcohol free bars opening in Melbourne. We are now seeing dedicated aisle space for these drinks in Woolworths too. This is a huge win, for obvious reasons!

Sustainable foods

Sustainability” will become the new marketing word on all packaged products — especially tinned fish and dairy products. This is going to be a hard one to decipher, because what is the definition of sustainability” for each food product?

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